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KISRAIS 1 Single Person Indoor Bluetooth Compatible FAR Infrared Sauna in Hemlock

KISRAIS 1 Single Person Indoor Bluetooth Compatible FAR Infrared Sauna in Hemlock

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What is a sauna? The benefits of a sauna. In a high-temperature environment, it can cause internal thermal effects in the deep skin, dilate the capillaries of the whole body, and greatly exceed normal activities. This kind of carefree sweating is conducive to discharging all kinds of garbage in the body and eliminating diseases. At the same time, due to repeated hot and cold steaming and washing, blood vessels are constantly contracting and expanding, which is called "vascular gymnastics" in sports physiology, which can enhance the elasticity of blood vessels and prevent arteriosclerosis. Sauna bath is carried out in a static high-temperature environment, which consumes subcutaneous fat through a lot of perspiration, making you lose weight easily in comfort. According to the test, a sauna for 10 minutes is equivalent to running for 10 kilometers, so it has the effect of bodybuilding and losing weight. In addition, when the body sweats a lot to eliminate subcutaneous dirt, it can improve the permeability of epidermal cells and activate cells, so it also has the effects of beauty and skincare and delaying aging. A far infrared sauna is also an ideal way to relieve pain and stress. It can promote blood circulation in damaged parts of the body and release stress. Now get a Kisrais sauna to enjoy all of the benefits!
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